What We Do

We are building cloud-native solutions, backend applications, and microservices. We'll help you understand not just how but why we build your project in a particular way.

Our strategic focus is Golang and Open Source technologies, but we are not limited to them. We'll put the right technologies on your radar and make sure you get the advantage.

Web Development

We ship web applications that work on any device by using the latest web technologies: React, Redux, TypeScript and FlowType.

Backend Development

We build RESTful APIs and high-available microservices that scale into the future. We are experts in Golang, C# and .NET.

Cloud Operations

By leveraging state-of-the-art open source configuration management tools, we aim to reduce human error in the deployment process. We can help you ship your project effortlessly by coninous delivery with tools such as Concourse, Docker, Ansible, Terraform and BOSH.

Digital Transformation

We are geared to give you an overarching idea of how an automated workflow can bring new efficiency to your business. We can teach you the best ways to modernize your business process. We'll consult and train organisation to use TDD, XP and Cloud Foundry